I won’t discuss the reality of global warming as I assume that any reader of this site is both sane and competent. That being the case you will already appreciate both the scale of the problem and the urgency in coping with that problem. One strong argument against Brexit is that we dont have the time to be messing around with such self-imposed diversions and that we need the very best of British science, technology, and diplomacy working flat out with our European partners on behalf of the global community.

The tasks that we face are the needs to reduce carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, cope with the effects of our failure, and maintain international cooperation throughout. At the very best we will fail. Our aim has to keep the cost of that failure in lives (human, other animals, eco-systems), environments, finance, future opportunities, as low as possible.

The problems will include species extinction, destruction of agricultural land, removal of whole ecosystems, radical modifications to coastlines, wars, famine, plague, and the UK Parliament will need to look for an alternative place where they can argue about everything but, quite probably, global warming. On that topic they will be entirely in agreement. No one could have predicted any problems and everything that has gone wrong is the fault of something we could do nothing about.

So back in the present, what can we do about global warming?

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