5. Political Compass

Looking at the test at:


and noting that it makes sense to add an extra dimension to your political viewpoint. Do take the test for yourself before reading the rest of the site. We found it disturbing to see the apparent movement of the UK political parties over our lifetimes.

Perhaps three or four dimensions (or more!) are required to offer an adequate view of our personal politics. It’s worth considering who might be your political allies if you consider just one of the alternative dimensions in place of left-right.

When I was studying for the teaching of religious education we noticed that there was often more in common between reflective and educated members of many religions than with other adherents of their own religion.

I would be interested to hear where you find yourself on the two-deimensional political compass after taking the test - and your eaction to that result. Please e-mail me at john@qercus.co.uk

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