8. Economics

Our discussion will be based on the question “What now after NeoLiberalism has destroyed much that is important to us?”

Both the 'Politics from Scratch’ group and the Redditch Labour Party (East Branch) will be holding discussions on this subject in May*. The starting points may be the same - but will the conclusions be similar? I will include the results from both groups here.

* That was the intention but the General Election has put paid to that and the Labour Party meeting is now postponed for a month or more. The Politics from Scratch meeting will go ahead as planned but perhaps at a new venue.

George Monbiot explains the question in this short video - and there is a 40% discount (for the net few days) on his book “How Did We Get Into This Mess?” which includes other starting points for our discussions.

The link to the Verso Books page including a short video about NeoLiberalism by Gerge Monbiot is here.

His website is here.

We will also include ideas from:

"Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist"

by Kate Raworth

which is due to be published in April.

Her website is here.

Another book on the subject is The Failed Experiment by Andrew Fisher

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