Question Everything

Question Everything: Reality Composited & Utopia Synthesised  QERCUS

As a means of understanding and testing political ideas, the Qercus group will extract ideas from throughout history and from them put together new forms of politics that may be suitable for our future. If we cannot find ideas in the past or present we will explore utopias from pure imagination.

Politics from Scratch 
Discussions in which ideas can be explored around a single topic. The discussions will be the central point and will be designed to accommodate input from people of a wide range of political conviction or none. The tasks will always be to design a system (health provision, education, government, communication, etc) for a mythical society starting from scratch. The current arguments and concerns of our (real) society will be set aside in order to enable polite and constructive planning. 

Starting point for discussions
The laws and systems of our utopia will be designed to support all its people with minimal degradation of its environment.

Possible areas for initial discussion
Skills training
Care for those in need


Forms of government
Choosing representatives

Criminal lawCivil law

Later discussions may consider ideas based on finance


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