4. Taxation

Taxes consdered in our discussion included:

1. Land Value tax sufficient with savings from pensions, unemployment, and sickness benefits, to pay for a universal Basic Income. Zero tax on family home & garden area up to e.g. ¼ acre.

2. Income Tax on a sliding scale with zero tax fixed at Basic Income (or minimum wage) level and 50% tax at x10 that rate. The tax would notionally continue on a straight line and would eventually produce tax at over 100% of income giving an effective maximum income. Those with irregular or high but short-term incomes could apply to receive part of their income over future years to ensure continuity of income.

MPs taxed at zero% for their government income but 100% for all other income and with limited deferment option.

3. Corpoartion tax set at an (undefined) high rate with reduction of tax available on application for companies earning quality points for treatment of:




and with minimal quality points required of all supplier to government, local authorities, nationalised and regulated industries and services, etc.

4. Provision for taxing individuals and companies on all earnings/profits in all jurisdictions less valid tax proven to be paid elsewhere.

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